Credit Repair

Credit Repair

Person holding credit cards

Are you struggling to qualify for a mortgage or auto loan? Do you receive harassing collection calls, or deal with insurance premiums that are way too high? Whatever financial issue is holding you back from pursuing your dreams, GrowWise Financial Services is here to help!

We are credit enhancement experts with over 16 years of experience in the financial industry. While other financial organizations avoid working with people who have poor credit, we embrace you. You are exactly the type of person we live to serve. Why? Because we’re passionate about helping transform people’s lives through comprehensive financial solutions.

The GrowWise Way:

  1. Work with your very own results-driven case manager
  2. Get updates every 30-35 days
  3. Get a custom plan to raise your credit scores

The GrowWise Group has worked with countless individuals who were struggling to meet their financial goals due to undesirable personal credit scores. We understand how devastating a low credit score can be to your future, so we founded our company because we could not find anyone out there who was offering a full-service solution.

Whether you just want to repair your credit score to obtain a better interest rate or have entrepreneurial dreams, we provide the resources and expert advice you need to get there. Contact us today to get started!

Fast Credit Repair for Scores Damaged by Bankruptcy, Student Loans, and Late Payments

Our personal credit repair services have helped improve credit scores for clients dealing with a variety of financial issues, including:

  1. Bankruptcy
  2. Collections
  3. Late payments
  4. Student loans
  5. State and federal tax liens
  6. Repossessions
  7. Judgments
  8. Foreclosures

Enhancing your credit has never been easier with GrowWise Financial Services. We’ll put a stop to the harassing phone calls, educate you on your options for improving your credit score, and help you determine which path is right for you. Get your freedom back! Fill out our Credit Repair Application to get started, and feel free to contact us with any questions.

Our Credit Repair Process

At GrowWise Financial Services, we understand the misconceptions associated with credit repair companies. Rest assured, our process is 100 percent legitimate, and we offer a lot more than simply handling the “heavy lifting” of working with the credit reporting agencies. (Check out our testimonials here).

Along with disputing negative marks on your accounts, we offer access to personal tradelines that can not only improve your credit but also help you get approved for other lines of credit, such as a business loan, house, or car. We’re dedicated to improving your financial situation long-term and have the ability to go beyond rebuilding your credit to help you start a business. Give us a call today at 1-877-729-GROW to schedule a consultation.

Step 1

Utilize Smart Credit to secure your three-bureau report without having an inquiry placed on your credit.

Step 2

Fill out our Credit Repair Application here. Once we receive your application along with your credit report login details, our experts will perform a thorough analysis of your financial needs.

Please include with your application: your username, password, and the last four digits of your social number and security question & answer for Smart Credit.

Step 3

After our experts have reviewed your online application and credit monitoring information, you’ll receive a call from your Personal Account Executive to set up a consultation. During your consultation, they’ll discuss finance options tailored to your unique circumstances.

Step 4

You’ll secure an initial consultation from your Personal Account Executive within 24 hours. We have successfully removed bankruptcies, student loans, collections, judgments, repossessions, credit card charges, foreclosures, and short sales!

Let’s face it—having good credit is essential for better interest rates on everything from home loans to insurance. At GrowWise Financial Services, we understand situations arise, such as an unexpected job loss, divorce, medical conditions, and more. When life hits you with unexpected circumstances, your credit can also suffer. We formed our company for the people who have been hit with mitigating circumstances outside of their control. We’re here to help get you back to credit-worthiness and financial stability!

Get your credit back on track. Fill out our Credit Repair Application today, and an expert at GrowWise Financial Services will be in touch with you soon!